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Emotive Networks provides an end to end online keyword campaign management service designed to increase the turnover of your web site, whilst spending less money on your ad campaigns.

We optimise your site for major search engine organic results, then build intelligent PPC campaigns that sync your keywords, your ads and your site to increase relevancy, drive down costs, increase relevant traffic, improve rankings and ad placements and increase revenue.

The key word is "relevancy". It's our complete understanding of what the search engines look for and how they work, combined with our innate ability to build and implement low cost keyword campaigns that make us an indispensable asset to any business that wants to generate cash flow from their online presence.

Our client list is growing and reflects many different products and services including providers of eye care and spectacles, online dating, lifestyle trainers, hearing aids, home wares, gifts, car products and much more.

We will only work with clients for which we know we can make a significant difference. If you are interested in finding out if we can make a significant difference to your online business, send us a link to your site and your contact details via our contact us page, and we will take a good butchers at it before delivering an honest appraisal of how we could help.



And so, what does it cost to have a campaign optimised web site that brings in more paying customers? Well that's the beauty of it.....

It doesn't have to cost you anything!

Because we drive down your "cost per click", our service pays for itself. You pay less for your campaigns. You benefit from decreased costs and increased turnover.

We normally charge out on a per hour basis and you can use our services for as little as 2 hours per month. We are so good at what we do and so confident in our ability, that we have been known to take on clients on a small retainer and profit share basis.

Want to know how you can benefit from our services? This is the bit where you contact us